Woman tries to take life

Police in Amuria is holding a 46 year old mother who tried to take her life by taking poison.

This is after she got a misunderstanding with her son’s wife.

According to an eye witnesses, Margaret Idiat took poison in reiteration to the persistent ill treatment extended to her by the son’s wife.

Ms Margaret Idiat said that despite buying a plot and starting a family for the Son and the wife, her daughter in-law Hellen Apio does not appreciate her, barks at her young children as being bastards, at the same time calling her a prostitute.

Joseph Ochom, OC CID Amuria CPS said that that besides her being under protective custody they contemplate charging her for attempting to end her own life.

He said cases of people committing suicide either out frustration and domestic related issues are becoming common, adding that the child and family protective unit is doing all they can to counsel this mother.

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