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Opposition asked to spearhead struggle for constitutional reforms

June 2, 2023 7:44 pmOpposition asked to spearhead struggle for constitutional reforms

Makerere University law don, Prof Joe Oloka Onyango has warned Ugandans and the opposition not to wait for a government constitutional Review Commission.

Speaking at the ongoing opposition MPs retreat in Munyoyo Prof Onyango, advised the opposition to take charge and spearhead the reforms.

He was discussing a paper titled “How Does Legislature and courts safeguard the Constitution; lessons from Kenya from 2010 to 2022”, presented by Juma Owiti, a Kenyan human rights and governance lawyer.

Prof Onyango however says the process should involve all stakeholders from the grassroots level to the academic and MPs themselves.

“We can’t wait for the state to bring manners to our table, we must design our own. We must force this process ourselves, we must take it over,” Onyango said.

He says the opposition MPs should not be intimidated by their small numbers, adding that they have the power to keep the government in check.

Prof Onyango meanwhile advises those fronting for a constitutional review to ensure they make reforms that favor all Ugandans and not just individuals.

Mukajanga family seeks involvement in Martyrs Day celebrations

June 2, 2023 5:20 pmMukajanga family seeks involvement in Martyrs Day celebrations

By Jane Nafula

The family of Mukajanga who is remembered for executing the Uganda Martyrs has asked for special recognition during the Martyrs Day celebration held annually on June 3rd.

In 1886, Mukajanga, acting on the orders of Kabaka Mwanga killed 45 Christians at Namugongo in present day Wakiso district.

His descendants have demanded that they should be included in preparations of Martyrs day celebrations.

In an interview with Daily Monitor, Christine Nakazzi, the administrator of Mukajanga’s lineage says if he hadn’t fulfilled his obligation of killing the martyrs, the world would not be celebrating their legacy.

Nakazzi says there is more to Mukajanga that the public does not know and thus his family should be allowed to share it during the Martyr’s Day festivities.

She adds that Mukajanga should not be judged harshly but should be considered as a person who was simply fulfilling his duty as the loyal servant of Kabaka Mwanga 11.

She meanwhile says Mukajanga died a reformed Christian who was later named Paul Kibuuka and that many of his relatives are priests.

Nearly half of Ugandans in informal sector earn less than Shs168,000

June 2, 2023 4:21 pmNearly half of Ugandans in informal sector earn less than Shs168,000

The latest National Labor Force survey released by the Uganda Bureau of Statistics has revealed that about 49% of Ugandans working in the informal sector earn less than Shs168,000 a month.

Informal employment refers to employment relationships where in law or in practice, persons in employment are not subject to social protection.

That’s to say they have no provision for pension or contribution to National Social Security Fund and have no entitlement to paid annual leave or paid sick leave.

According to the survey, 92% of Ugandans in employment are in informal employment including agriculture.

The report shows that more than half of workers in informal employment are male majority of whom have not completed primary education.

The report meanwhile shows that 8 in 10 of persons in informal employment have oral or verbal agreements

Meanwhile 47% of persons in informal employment were in the services sector followed by 39% in agriculture.

Reforms on ending impunity needed - Besigye

June 2, 2023 3:06 pmReforms on ending impunity needed - Besigye

Four-time presidential candidate and leader of the People’s Front for Transition Dr Kizza Beisigye has advised the opposition to first seek measures of how to regain Uganda’s sovereignty before thinking of amending the constitution.

Speaking at the ongoing consultative workshop of opposition MPs on constitutional and electoral reforms taking place in Munyonyo, Dr Besigye said the Ugandan people have never been given the mandate to decide on what they want arguing that the country is a product of a foreign group which sat and made deliberations about present day Uganda.

According to Besigye, Ugandans have for the last 60 years been in the struggle to attain freedom claiming that the state has been captured by President Museveni who have cemented his position using the power of the gun.

Besigye thus says the only reform Uganda needs is how to end impunity, commercialization and militarization of politics among others.

NCHE governing council sits today to amend guidelines on “expired” courses

June 2, 2023 2:43 pmNCHE governing council sits today to amend guidelines on “expired” courses

The governing Council of the National Council for Higher Education is set to sit this afternoon to resolve on the proposals been made by heads of universities and other tertiary institutions on “expired” programmes.

NCHE and universities have in the recent past been on the spot for allegedly teaching expired programmes, a matter that prompted the deputy Speaker of Parliament to direct the Council to find an alternative word for programmes whose accreditation status is pending on grounds that the word “expired” was misused.

As a result, the Council yesterday met vice chancellors before meeting principals of tertiary institutions this morning.

The NCHE spokesperson, Soul Waigolo says the vice chancellors yesterday made a number of proposals to that regard.
He says that the governing council is now set to sit this afternoon to select a suitable work out of the suggested and amend a few things in the guidelines it made in 2008.

Court summons minister Lugoloobi over Karamoja iron sheets

June 2, 2023 1:33 pmCourt summons minister Lugoloobi over Karamoja iron sheets

The Anti-Corruption Court has issued criminal summons against State Minister for Finance and Economic Planning Amos Lugoloobi. This is after his failure to appear in court today for mention of his case.

Minister Lugoloobi is facing charges of dealing with suspect property when he was allegedly found in possession of iron sheets that were meant to empower vulnerable Karomoja communities.

He was released on bail and ordered by grade one magistrate, Abert Asiimwe to return to court on today (June 2) to check on the progress of police inquiries.

Lugoloobi has however sent his lawyers John Isabirye and Tonny Tumukunde to inform court that he is away attending official duties in Zambia.

Grade one magistrate, Moses Nabende who sat in for trial magistrate Asiimwe has ordered that Lugolobi appears in court on June 29, 2023, without fail.

Meanwhile, state prosecutor,  Sarah Bireke informed court that Investigations are almost complete.