Sugarcane Producers Lament Over Prices

Sugarcane farmers are demanding that government sets a minimum price for sugarcane to protect farmers from being cheated by millers.
Currently payment is agreed between farmers and millers which makes them lose income because payment is determined on sugar content in the cane but does not consider byproducts like molasses that millers later sell.
According to Masindi Sugarcane Growers Association Limited, chairman, Robert Atugonza, the recommendation is one the several agreed upon with representatives of over 6000 sugarcane farmers at a workshop in Masindi.
The recommendations were reached after case studies from South Africa were presented by Eden Forestry Company, chief executive officer Michael Mugabira, who also doubles as a sugarcane farmer in the district.
They are also calling for reconstitution of the Sugar board to more farmers than millers.
Ministry of Trade and Cooperatives, assistant commissioner cooperatives Bob Barigye said the farmers recommendation are to be incorporated into the draft bill.