Bobi Wine calls upon fans to vote for “ill mannered” Bebe Cool, annoys him

Self-proclaimed ghetto gladiator HE Bobi Wine astounded many fans when he took a turn, urging the public to vote for his sworn nemesis Bebe Cool in the MTV Africa Music Awards.

Bobi did not only publicly express his support for his arch rival, but also called upon the entire nation to vote for Bebe Cool for the much coveted award.

“He is ill mannered and if fans show him support, maybe he will learn to be well behaved,” Bobi Wine retorted.

“I am encouraging my fans to vote for Bebe Cool because I want Ugandan Music to go international no matter who benefits, “he added.

Bobi Wine’s gesture however rubbed Bebe Cool the wrong way, forcing the self-proclaimed big size to ‘spit fire’ labeling him a drug addict who must have made the statements under the influence.

Bebe Cool also took to his Facebook page, lashed at Bobi Wine for calling him ill-mannered when he is not anywhere better.

“Drugs drugs drugs, I always will say drugs are bad because they lead you to do so many mistakes and they even make some people think and see themselves where they are not, now this music failure comes up to say am ill mannered,” Bebe Cool wrote.

“……..You don’t have good music, You can’t speak English, You are local, you stay away from town and you brand a big man nominated in awards with great music like “Go mama” ill Mannered, I know u seeking attention but wrong move boy and to all fans of this TONTOMIST, please DONT vote for me coz u will vote wrongly and we might lose,” he added.