Amama Mbabazi attends Parliamentary Committee for the first time

Former Prime minister Amama Mbabazi has asked for the legal and parliamentary Affairs committee to debate the proposals tabled by the opposition political parties rationally.

Mbabazi, who attended to committee for the first time, said thereafter that all the proposals presented to the committee were not new and none of them should be controversial.

Mbabazi said as lawmakers, they will have an input to the proposed reforms in the committee and support its decision.

The Uganda Law Reform Commission has also challenged the government to justify rationality behind the clause in the constitutional amendment bill 2015 which calls for independent candidates to collect 1000 signatures as a prerequisite for their registration.

According to the bill 2015, all members standing on independent after losing on party primaries will have to contribute 1000 signature.

According to the acting chairman of the law reform commission Lucas Omala Abong, the clause contravenes the constitutional right to equality, adding that the right to choose leaders should be left to the citizens.