Attorney General Ordered Respond To 400m Fire Master-Government Debt

High Court has ordered the Attorney General Fred Ruhindi to respond to claims by Fire Masters Ltd that government has refused to pay over 400mshs worth services of reinforcement in fighting a fire, they rendered to BAT (British American Tobacco) in January 2011.

The service was rendered by Fire Masters to BAT following an emergency call made to them by Uganda Police Fire Brigade.

According to the Company’s Sales Manager Alex Kalenge, on January 14th 2011 they received an emergency call by then Commander of the Uganda Police Fire Brigade ASP Simon Peter Musoke, asking them for reinforcement and back up firefighting services in respect of a fire out break at the British American Tobacco (BAT) ware house in Kyambogo Mukabya road.

They further argues the private Company hires each fireman per hour at 50 dollars while a fire truck at 280 US Dollars per hour, bringing the expense they incurred to 184,080 US Dollars, and that its government that is liable for the actions of its Police officer who made the emergency call to Fire Masters Ltd.

Now court registrar Festo Nsenga has signed the summons giving government 15 days to file its defense before Justice Yasin Nyanzi fixes a hearing date.