Bus company halts operations ahead of Kenya elections

By Moses Ndhaye

The number of travelers from Kampala to Nairobi has increased as some bus companies plying that route plan to temporarily halt their operations on Saturday ahead of the August 8th elections.

According to Alex Mujomba the Currier Manager at Mash Bus Services in Kampala they are not going to risk their buses to operate during the election period.

He says currently they are overwhelmed because the number of passengers traveling from Kampala to Nairobi and those coming out of Nairobi has increased tremendously over the past one week.

Meanwhile, in Rwanda where the elections are due tomorrow, the situation is not different any different.

The buses plying the Rwandan route have registered a huge increase in the number of passengers travelling from Kampala to Kigali, the Rwandan capital.

According to the bus terminal manager at Trinity Bus Services in Kampala Jackie Mbabazi, they have been sending 12 buses to Kigali per day, but now the number has increased to 17 buses.

She however says the number of passengers traveling from Rwanda to Uganda has reduced.

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