CAA speaks out, dismisses allegations

The civil aviation authority have spoken out about the incident through which Dr Kizza Besigye was arrested yesterday after returning back from UK

Dr Besigye alleged that he was grabbed by the people who were putting of uniforms the aviation authority, and the vehicle they used to whisk him away also theirs.

According to the new statement, The Principle Public affairs  officer Vianney Luggya that has been issued by the authority, all personnel authorized to access the airside are required to put on reflector jackets most of which are owned and branded by CAA at the back

He thus notes that it does not necessarily mean that whoever puts on the reflector jacket is a CAA staff since their uniforms have CAA logo which the reflector jackets do not have

Luggya also dismissed the allegations that their vehicle was involved in the exercise of whisking Besigye away  .

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