Cabinet approves the Uganda National Kiswahili Council

Uganda Media Center boss Ofwono Opondo
Ofwono Opondo


By Stephen Otage

The government has endorsed the establishment of the Uganda National Kiswahili Council, whose main objective is to guide implementation of usage of Swahili as one of Uganda’s official languages.

Speaking to journalists about the cabinet decision taken on Monday at State House Entebbe, Ofwono Opondo the executive director of Uganda Media Centre said among the decisions cabinet took, is the establishment of the council.

“This council will be recruiting Swahili teachers who will to be sent to teach Swahili in schools,” Opondo said adding that the council will also ensure establishment of policy, legal and institutional framework for setting standards for effective promotion, development and usage of Kiswahili at all levels.

He added that the council will also be responsible for harmonisation, coordination and collaboration among ministries, departments and agencies to ensure Kiswahili use, and promotion and development so as to enhance the provision of Kiswahili services and resources.