DP president Mao calls on Judges to stay firm and not be intimidated

By Benjamin Jumbe.

The Democratic Party president Norbert Mao has called on Judges to stay firm and not be intimidated.

This is after president Museveni came out for the first time to speak about the recent constitutional court ruling which quashed extension of the legislators’ tenure from five to seven years declaring it null and void.

Speaking from South Africa where he was attending the BRICS summit, Museveni said judges are not the ones in charge of the country insisting that as the ruling party, they will harmonize and galvanize their position.

He said the judges spent more time on form and procedure and not substance, arguing that the 5 years are not enough.

Now speaking to Kfm, Mao said the president’s remarks are proof that he does not respect court and the people’s constitutional rights.