EC Okays Phones & Cameras At Polling Centers

The Electoral Commission has made clarification on the reported ban on use of mobile phones and cameras at polling centers.

This follows a word of caution from the Inspector General of Police that voters would not be allowed to carry mobile phones and that no supporter of any presidential or parliamentary candidate should stick around polling stations on polling day.

Addressing observers in Kampala on Monday, the IGP Gen. Kale Kayihura said having such crowds could cause problems in election management asking that monitoring be left to the candidate’s agents.

This drew outrage from various stakeholders with the Citizens Coalition for Electoral Democracy in Uganda(CCEDU) saying voters should not be denied their right to stay at polling stations after voting if they wish.

Now the Electoral Commission spokesperson Mr.Jotham Taremwa has clarified on the matter saying voters are allowed to stay around the polling stations as long as they maintain a reasonable distance from the voting area.

Taremwa further explains that voters can carry their mobile phones and cameras but these will only be used once they are outside the ring (the actual voting area).

Story By Benjamin Jumbe


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