Highly Targeted Muslim Believers Named, Lukwago Among

The shadow minister for Internal Affairs Mohammed Muwanga Kivumbi has tabled before parliament the list of names of Muslim clerics and high level Muslim believers targeted by assailants.

The list has names like prince Kassim Nakibinge , Obed Kamulegeya and lord Mayor Erias Lukwago among others.

Kivumbi further asked Government to come up with a solid statement of the circumstance of the deaths of Muslim clerics other than the one the minister of state for Internal Affairs Ambassador baba rushed to make to parliament on Wednesday.

In the same vain the MP for Kawempe North, Latif Sebaggala says there could be a hidden list because there are some Muslims killed like Muwaya who was not on the list moving out in public.

He asked that the Inspector General of Police, General Kale Kayihura to resign because he has failed to protect people and their property.

Meanwhile the government Chief Whip Hon. Ruth Nankabirwa has assured parliament that government through the Minister of Internal Affairs will bring a comprehensive statement in parliament about the killings of Muslims in Uganda in two weeks’ time.