IPOD asks Kadaga to support its resolutions

By Moses Kyeyune.

A month after the last IPOD summit meeting held at Entebbe, the Inter-party Organisation for Dialogue has asked the Speaker Rebecca Kadaga to support its resolutions.

The Inter-Party Organization for Dialogue is a non-formal political umbrella group composed of parties with representation in Parliament.

During the Entebbe meeting held on May 20, the Summit composed of party heads, made a number of resolutions, among them; the need for agreeable electoral reforms, the need to bar members from contesting as independents; as well as increasing financial support to member parties.

Other concerns include; reducing nomination fees and forming a common understanding the public order act, in the bid to allow all political parties, an equal platform to mobilize for their structures.

During today’s meeting with the Speaker Rebecca Kadaga, the IPOD Council led by DP Secretary General Gerald Siranda has called on the Speaker to support the concerns.

Whereas the Speaker has concurred with the idea on by-elections and nomination fees, she says issues about independent candidates and political party financing are a matter of debate by parliament.

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