Kenyan envoy down plays fears for possible violence

By Benjamin Jumbe

The Kenyan High Commissioner to Uganda Geoffrey Okanga has allayed fears of any post-election violence.

Okanga who is among the many Kenyans living in Uganda who voted from the Kenyan high commission in Kampala this morning says there is no need for worry.

He says there are well established structures to handle any contestation if one is not satisfied with the outcome of the election.

He adds that the process in Kampala is moving on smoothly, urging all Kenyans in Uganda and other parts of the world to remain calm and pray for peace.

Meanwhile, some voters have been turned away from the Kenya High Commission for various reasons and they have expressed their disappointment.

A total of about 1,200 Kenyans are expected to vote from Kampala where the two polling stations opened at 6:00am.

The voting closes at 5:00pm before vote counting begins and the final result transmitted to the IEBC in Kenya for tallying.

In the Kenyan capital Nairobi at the UPPER HILL polling station only about 15 voters were seen lining up to vote after hundreds were turned away for various reasons ranging from missing names on the voters register to varrying personal details on the register and their national Identification Card.