Landslide Victims Relocated to Bulambuli

Government has started relocating over 2600 landslide victims to newly acquired secure place in Bulambuli district.
This has been revealed by Disaster Preparedness minister Hilary Onek during a meeting with victims in Mabale village where he said that the first phase will cover 800 families before any the forecasted landslides reoccur again.
The government through the ministry of lands reportedly acquired about 2800 acres of land in Bulambuli districts at cost of 8billion to resettle victims of landslides in Mt Elgon region to safer place.
Recently, geo-technical expects led by Dr Yazi Bamutaze, revealed that the ground around the mudslide scars was still moving and that another mudslide could occur.
Onek explained that the ground team is working in ensuring that land is divided for each family to acquire two cares for both resettlement and cultivation.

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