Late Kaweesi’s alleged girl friend petitions High Court over house arrest

By Ruth Anderah.

A woman who is alleged to be late Felix Kaweesi’s girl friend has petitioned the High Court in Kampala challenging her house arrest.

Christine Mbabazi, through her lawyers of Rwakafuzi and Co Advocates claims that she has been in detention at her house at Kosovo LC1 Lungujja in Rubaga division since September 15th 2017.

Mbabazi in her petition before court says she is not allowed to move out of her house, she is denied access to visitors, and not permitted to communicate outside her house via phone calls and internet.

She claims that she is incarcerated with her children under the orders of the Director General of ISO col Kaka Bagyenda who claims that she is a potential witness in the murder of the late AIP Andrew Felix Kaweesi who was shot dead on March 17th last year.

Mbabazi contends that her children can no longer go to school and it is hard for her to access both food and medicine.

According to the documents before court, Mbabazi lawyers’ state that her continued detention has no basis in law since she is neither on remand nor accused.

They now want Court orders compelling Col Kaka Bagyenda and the Attorney General who are listed as respondents in the case to produce Mbabazi before Court.