Ministers Syda Bumba, Makubuya resign

Kidhu Makubuya

Ministers Syda Bumba and Kidhu Makubuya have resigned from their positions in cabinet. Their resignations have been announced before Parliament by 3rd Deputy Prime Minister Moses Ali.

The two are taking political responsibility for the decision to approve the payment of Shs142 billion to city tycoon Hassan Basajjabalaba.

This was paid out as compensation following the cancellation of contracts to run city markets. It however emerged that the money paid out was far beyond the actual value of the contracts.

Moses Ali says government will ensure that the extra monies paid out are recovered. Both ministers have maintained that they were acting on the President’s orders in approving the payment of the said money.

President Museveni first disowned the ministers but later backtracked, saying he had been convinced that the money paid out was the actual value of the canceled contracts.

Addressing the house this afternoon, Syda Bumba maintained that she is innocent even though she has decided to take political responsibility.

She maintained that she has done nothing wrong and only implemented the decision taken by the Auditor General, by which she was bound as a government agent.

Bumba signed off by stating that she has served the country to her best, starting by participating in the liberation war, working for the Electoral Commission before joining Parliament.

Makubuya on his part mantained that he is innocent and only signed the contracts as part of his obligations.

He also denied being hostile to the Public Accounts Commitee at the time it was investigating the matter.

Makubuya maintained that he was proud of his service to the country including being Attorney and alluded to Biblical quotation that there is always a time to come and a time to leave.

This is the second time that the country is witnessing resignation by a minister in this government, the first including Kabakumba Matsiko who quit after being incriminated in illegal use of UBC equipment at her radio station in Masindi.

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