Mistrust threatening South Sudan’s peace deal

By Moses Kyeyune.

The agreement to guarantee total peace in South Sudan hangs in balance following tough demands made by rebel leader Riek Machar who has been offered the vice president of the war stricken country.

The Saturday meeting chaired by President Yoweri Museveni at State House Entebbe lasted close to ten hours with fresh demands from the opposition.

The meeting was also attended by Omar el Bashir of Sudan, as well as the rivalling heads of the South Sudan; President Salvar Kiir and Riek Machar.

None of the three Heads of State; Museveni, Kiir and Bashir spoke to the media after the closed-door meeting that started from 12:00pm and ended 9:00pm.

The Sudan foreign Affairs Minister, Al-Dierdiry al-Dhikheri told journalists that four key issues were discussed.

In the new government structure proposed by Museveni and Bashir, South Sudan will have four vice presidents.

Machar was offered the position of first vice president and the opposition will be offered a second vice presidency that will be taken up by a lady.

The cabinet will be increased from 30 to 45 members.

15 new cabinet members will be opposition members.

However Machar’s wife, Angelina Teny, has asked Salvar Kirr’s government to first show commitment to the peace process by meeting demands presented by the opposition.