Mabirizi files truck full of record of appeal documents

By Ruth Anderah 

Hassan Male Mabirizi one of the dissatisfied petitioners of the Constitutional court age-limit judgment has filed a record of appeal before the Supreme Court.

In record of appeal, Mbabirizi details his reasons for challenging the judgment that validated the lifting of the presidential age-limit from 75 years.

Mabirizi’s 30,600 paged record that he prepared in 17 days after the delivery of the judgment in Mbale was delivered at the Supreme Court on a pick-up and has been received by Deputy Registrar Godfrey Angualia Opefeni.

Mabirizi lists 84 grounds up on which he asks the Supreme Court to overturn the majority judgment of the Constitutional Court.

Among the grounds; Mabirizi faults the 4 justices of failing to address themselves on the provisions of the constitution that require the Electoral Commission to hold a referendum before carrying out any constitutional amendment.

Mabirizi also faults the Constitutional Court for refusing to award him the Shs20 million as costs saying he never engaged a professional lawyer to argue his petition yet he incurred expenses like other petitioners.

He thus asks the Supreme Court to award him damages for inconvenience.