President Museveni runs to land commission to save his land

By Ruth Anderah. 

President Yoweri Museveni has lodged a complaint before the commission of Inquiry into Land matters accusing a group of people including a one John Byamukama, Kongo and Katende Seggane of grabbing his land at Katwe-kambwa in Gomba district

The land in question forms part of his Kisozi ranch scheme.

Through his farmmanager Florence Kamatenesi, Museveni contends that about 300 acres from his ranch has been grabbed and fraudulently titled.

Museveni claims that the 300 acres that Byamukama and his group grabbed are part of his one square mile land he bought from the Late Bitari and Walugembe of Nyarwe family.

According to his complaint Byamukama attempted to survey the disputed land in 2013 and on 9 October 2016 he acquired a title and sold it off without Museveni’s knowledge.

The president now wants the commission to investigate his complaint and find out the circumstances under which his land was grabbed, titled and finally sold off without his knowledge and consent.