Rev Fr Lokodo – Ugandans prefer sex to food

Ugandans use lunch breaks more to have sex than a meal, Ethics minister Simon Lokodo has said, warning that “irresponsible sex” is fueling spread of particularly HIV/Aids.

“In Kampala, sex is done without any respect; anywhere, anyhow, anytime with anybody, especially at lunch breaks where people go to lodges for sex instead of food,” Rev Fr Lokodo said.

HIV prevalence has lately been on a rise after years of steady decline, according to official statistics, raising concern that the increased infections are a result of complacence.

Minister Lokodo made the comments on Monday during celebrations to honour legendary Ugandan musician and Aids activist, Philly Bongoley Lutaaya, who died of HIV-related infection in December 1989.

His campaigns, including HIV/Aids awareness performances at schools, helped put a human face to the disease and fight the associated stigma.

It is in this context that the government on Monday organised an event in his honour at Alebtong Primary School in Alebtong District on the theme, “An Aids-free Uganda, my responsibility”.

The Member of Parliament for Ajuri County, Mr Denis Hamson Obua, urged the constituents to protect themselves against HIV/Aids.