Speaker Kadaga Calls For Action On Civil Conflicts

The Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has underscored the need for parliaments intervention in coming up with forums uniquely designed to address contentious civil conflicts.

Kadaga was seconding a Motion on the Role of Parliament in promoting peace, justice and strong socio-political institutions moved by Mauritius at the 47th Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CWP) Africa Region Conference.  

“As Parliamentarians, we are a crucial cog in the peace building process. We must take a central role in ensuring lasting peace on the African continent. Africa has been plagued by so many conflicts which have retarded development.”

She says parliaments are crucial in peace building processes.

“By addressing issues of poverty, equitable distribution of resources and economic development, Parliamentarians can attempt to guard against the creation of an enabling environment that is prone to the escalation of conflict,” she said.

The Speaker raised concern girls and women in conflict areas of Africa citing Congo, Nigeria, and South Sudan. She said that women suffer double jeopardy since they are always raped and sexually enslaved.

“These women end up producing children with men the hate. Even when they are rescued, they suffer additional stigma,” she added.

Kadaga noted that the girls who were rescued from the Boko Haram in Nigeria are now being discriminated against by their own community.

The Conference that closes today opened on August 22nd and has been running under the theme; “Africa for Sustainable Goals: the Role of Parliaments”.

Story By Ivan Ssenabulya