Getting into a team sport: How to do it right

Sports is one of the best inventions of mankind. It keeps you fit and healthy, helps you unwind after a long hard day, and it is really something out of the world when your strangers and friends alike cheer you when you are in the midst of a field or stage playing. Out of all the sports in the world, team sports are the very best. While you might love playing games online with a bet bonus at nairabet, wouldn’t you want to try out a sport of your own too?

So why should you go into team sports? Here, we have a list of things that will tell you why team sports are something you need to consider.

Us versus them

While this can sometimes be seen as something not positive because it tends to create an air of superiority, at the end in a team sport, this is important because all the players that are part of a team are playing to win.

Inter/Intra Competition

Competing in a tournament or match while playing your favourite sport is a feeling that cannot be easily described. And if you play a team sport, inter or intra competitions become a part of your daily routine.


The best part about being a member of a team is that you learn how to cooperate. You might not like doing a certain activity, but in the best interests of the group you end up doing it. This teaches you cooperation and will come in handy for the rest of your life even when you are in a corporate or business environment.


Mentorship is important in life no matter what you do. But rarely will you find a mentor who is as invested in you and your life as your team coach. You can tell him or her anything you want and fear no judgement from them. They always want what is best for you and will not mind going the extra mile for you. Plus, in team sports, your coach is not your only mentor. Your team’s captain, a senior member, a fellow player, a supporting staff… each and every member can be a mentor.


If you notice, the players of your school’s sports teams – be it cricket, football, rugby, basketball or anything else, are incredibly tightknit. This is camaraderie. The affection and love they have for each other can make them do anything to protect each other.

Sharing physical hardships

There is nothing better at building and solidifying your relationships as much as it can be done by sharing specific physical difficulties in life. These teach you to bear whatever comes in life with a smile. Plus, sharing physical hardships while going through a team sport will always make sure you have someone to rely on when you are in a problem!

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