Church of Uganda Locks Horns With Buganda Land Board

The Church of Uganda is locked in a row with Buganda Land Board, the kingdom land agency over ownership of land at Nakanyonyi village in Nabbaale Sub-county in Mukono district.

Mukono Diocese accuses Buganda kingdom of taking over their land and registering their tenants in on-going land registration.

At a security meeting at Nakanyonyi SS presided over by Mukono Resident District Commissioner, David Matovu the two warring parties agreed that boundaries be opened up on 20th October 2016.

They also agreed that all building projects and land transactions be halted.

Still in Mukono, police have arrested two people for allegedly conniving to destroy a widow’s banana plantation in Nama over family land wrangles.

The said plantation belongs to Janet Nambi whose husband died in 2008.

One of the suspects who acted as the family estate administrator is said to have plotted the sale of the family land stealthily.

Mukono district Resident Commissioner David Matovu has promised thorough investigations into the matter.

A team of officials from Transparency International led by Paddy Awiko also visited the scene and condemned the action.

Story By Ivan Ssenabulya