Karamoja hunger death toll hits 28

The death toll from the hunger in Karamoja region has now hit 28.

The hunger first claimed 11 lives in the two areas of Kambisi and Campswahili in Moroto Municipality.
The area LC1 chairperson of Kambisi village in Nadunget sub county Hajji Pamita said the hunger has left people grounded in their houses.

In Campswahiliin Moroto Municipality 5 people died of hunger in just two weeks.

The LCV chairperson of Napak district Joseph Lomonyang says immediate intervention is needed before more lives are lost.

In Kaabong district 2 people also died in a period of two weeks.while many others are grounded.

The State Minister for disaster and preparedness Musa Ecweru when contacted acknowledged there is hunger in Karamoja saying government was working had to send food to the region.