MP Kantinti thrown out of Parliament

By Ruth Anderah

The court of Appeal has upheld the high court decision that nullified the election of FDC’s Apollo Kantinti as the Kyadondo East Constituency Member of Parliament.

Three justices ; Richard Buteera, Cheborion Balishaki and Paul Mugamba have  unanimously agreed with High court Judge Henry Kaweesa that there was non-compliance of Electoral laws on the side of the Electoral Commission while conducting the said election which affected the result in a substantial manner.

The justices have ruled that after a careful re-evaluation of the evidence on record, they have also come to a conclusion that it was not clear exactly who won the Kyadondo East constituency election since results from 9 polling stations were not included in the final tally.

They added that because of this, over 5000 voters were disenfranchised when their cast votes were not given the same weight like others in the final tally.

The court of Appeal has now ordered the EC to conduct fresh elections.

NRM’s Sitenda Sebalu contested Kantinti’s election in the High court Kampala on grounds that the Electoral commission had conducted the said election in an improper manner.

Kantinti and the Electoral Commission having been dissatisfied with the High court decision,   petitioned the court of Appeal.

They have now   been ordered to pay costs to Sebalu  both in the Court of Appeal and  the High court.


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