Nagirinya murder probe: Museveni orders sacking of police CCTV operators

By Ritah Kemigisa

President Museveni has ordered the immediate sacking of police officers manning the CCTV command center at Nateete police station.

This follows the kidnap and murder of social worker Maria Nagirinya and her driver Ronald Kitayimbwa two weeks ago.

Museveni has accused the officers of sleeping on the job adding that they only woke up to retrieve pictures from the memory of the cameras instead of watching live and informing all patrol vehicles to act promptly.

He also wonders if it was just criminal negligence or collusion since the police officer at Kibumbiro police post in Busega told him (Museveni) that she tried to contact the 999 police patrol truck when Nagirinya was kidnapped but the commander did not answer the call.

Museveni says all those involved have been arrested and has since directed that they be tried and dismissed from the police force and that they should never again be employed in any government department.

On the shooting of Joshua Rushegyera and Merina Tumukunde along the Entebbe expressway, Museveni says they are signs of police negligence.

President Museveni argues that the criminals are leaving behind many clues which was not the case before adding that all this exposes the weaknesses of the Police or their allies in the Police.