Vital Temangalo title information missing

By Ruth Anderah

Vital information regarding the authenticity of the Temangalo land title has gone missing.

This have been revealed by the former commissioner of land registration Sarah Kulata while appearing before the land probe commission to explain her role in the controversial Temanagalo land saga.

She told the commission that the information cannot be found anywhere in the lands registry and the only available documents are worn out and torn.

Kulata was summoned by the commission to respond to allegations that she fraudulently transferred the tittle from the names of a one Abas Mawanda to the names of Businessman Amos Nzeyi with in one day.

Nzeyi then sold the Temagalo Land to the National Social Security Fund in 2008 at a whopping Shs11billion.

Evidence before the Land Commission shows that an Asian family is registered on the original Title under the names of Temangalo Tea Estate with a 79 year lease that they obtained from the family of the late Daniel Mugwanya Kato running from 1944.

However since Kato Mugwanya’s demise in 1969, there are no documents showing how the said land was transferred in the names of a one Hajji Ahmed Musajjatagayibwa whose children are said to have sold to Abas Mawanda who later sold to Amos Nzeyi.

But when the Commission Chaired by Justice Catherine Bamugemereire demanded to know from Kulata who handled the transfer of the land tittle from Mawanda to Nzeyi’s names, where the supporting documents are, Kulata said she did not know since some documents on the file were torn.

Sarah Kulata is the fifth witness to have been summoned by the Land Probe Commission regarding a complaint filed by an Asian family claiming its rights on the 366 acres of Temagalo land were violated by Nzeyi.


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