Used car importers still on strike

Car bond

They have vowed to continue to

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with their strike over the Pre-Import Verification for Conformity exercise.

One of the dealers, the Managing Director of Future Group motors Imaran Yunus tells KFM that they will neither sell nor import any more cars until their concerns are addressed.

He says they hope to meet trade minister Amelia Kyambadde tomorrow to forge a way forward.

The group under the Used Car Importers’ Association of Uganda says they pay at least USD140 as inspection fees in Japan for each vehicle and as much as 15 percent of the total cost of the car.

They say the other costs include insurance and freight services that increase the cost of doing business.

The PVoC program was introduced by government last year to help rid the local market of substandard imports.

The exercise requires all goods destined to Uganda to be checked for conformity to the set standards before shipment.